Zoning and Planning


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Zoning Code

Zoning regulations control the use of land and the development of buildings. The City Planning office prepares changes to the Zoning Code and the Zoning Map and advises the Board of Zoning Appeals on the granting of Zoning Variances. Individuals seeking a change in the Zoning Map work with the City Planning staff who, in turn, work with the local City Council member to adopt the necessary legislation. This process takes about 2 to 4 months and involves at least two public meetings, with notices sent to nearby property owners.

Individuals seeking a Zoning Variance work with staff of the Board of Zoning Appeals as well as staff of the Building and Housing Department and City Planning office. This process takes about 4-6 weeks and includes a public meeting with notices mailed to nearby property owners. There is a fee of $25-$150 for a Variance depending on the type of case.

Zoning Variances

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Applicant's Guide
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Cleveland property owners may submit appeals for changes to the City’s Zone Code. The applicant or their representative will be required to appear before the Board of Zoning Appeals. The fee for this service ranges from $25 to $150. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check and credit card.

Design Review

Design Review Applicant's Guide

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Certain development projects are subject to “design review” before the City can issue a Building Permit. Design review ensures that new development and exterior alterations will complement and enhance the character of surrounding neighborhoods and districts. Typically, a local Design Review Advisory Committee that reports to the City Planning Commission will see projects subject to design review. The Design Review Applicant's Guide explains the design review process in detail.

Neighborhood Planning

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The City Planning staff prepares plans for neighborhoods and districts throughout the City of Cleveland. In most instances, the City Planning staff participates in preparing plans as part of a team that may include a community organization and a consultant.

These plans make recommendations that are used to guide development decisions, prioritize capital improvements, and address issues to improve the quality of life for residents and to promote economic development. Completed plans can be adopted by the City Planning Commission and then used to guide future decisions of the Commission and the City government.