Cleveland Partners with Burten, Bell, Carr to Open BoxSpot Retail Development in Kinsman Neighborhood Sept. 21

Friday, September 20, 2019

CLEVELAND – Residents in the Kinsman neighborhood will soon have access to seven new businesses opening as part of the new BoxSpot retail destination on Sept. 21. BoxSpot is the brainchild of Burten, Bell, Carr Development and will serve as an affordable retail and community hub for the Kinsman area. As part of the project, shoppers can attend the BoxSpot Open Air Market every Saturday from 1p.m. to 5p.m. Sept. 21-Oct. 26, 2019. It includes free live entertainment, local vendors, food trucks and outdoor games.

“Our administration is engaging partners and projects that share my vision of equitable neighborhood development,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson “The City of Cleveland has worked with Burten, Bell, Carr to make this project a reality and help ensure everyone has a part in Cleveland’s growth.”

BoxSpot will house the businesses inside shipping containers along with community courtyard and performance spaces. Businesses will include a restaurant, screen-printing company, hair salon, restaurant, optometrist, and an apparel and accessories shop.

The City of Cleveland has assisted in the development by providing a $130,000 Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG) for construction and site work and a UDAG grant for $70,000 used for micro-enterprise build out.

“The BoxSpot is an innovative solution to the challenge of transforming disinvested communities in a way where community residents reap the economic benefits,” said Burten, Bell, Carr Development Director Tim Tramble. “All seven business owners are from the community and rent the spaces at the low monthly rates of $275 to $450, utilities included. It is a model we are committed to replicating to give more entrepreneurs of the community access to affordable, high quality retail space, while providing desired goods and services to the community.”

BoxSpot is located near Kinsman Avenue & East 81st street, a target area for Mayor Jackson’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative (NTI). By deploying new tools, programs, and resources, NTI aims to provide healthy, equitable and sustainable opportunities to build wealth and stabilize neighborhoods. The administration seeks to build communities where all residents are able to achieve their full potential.

The goal of NTI is to invest in disadvantaged neighborhoods just outside growth zones and encourage the private market to return to these areas without the need of public incentives. Initial efforts are concentrated in neighborhoods that were chosen based on the result of CORE Redevelopment Strategy Study done by the Cleveland Planning Commission. The selected areas are in proximity to large, anchor institutions that are interested and committed to transforming the neighborhoods they are located in, as well as provide job opportunities to their residents.

"Innovative thinking and design paired with hard work. This concept of retail space made of shipping containers brings creative design and much needed economic investment and a community gathering place to the Kinsman neighborhood. I encourage everyone to visit this Saturday’s debut of the Open Air Markets. I am pleased to support the BoxSpot."

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