City of Cleveland Daily News Updates – #386

Thursday, July 8, 2021

The City of Cleveland today made the following announcements:

City of Cleveland Advises All Political Candidates to Remove Unauthorized Signage

The City of Cleveland reminds candidates that political signs are not permitted to be placed upon any public property or private property which is vacant or unoccupied. Failure to remove unauthorized signage may result in fines. See below for the ordinance:

CCO § 623.14 Removal of Political Signs

(a) No person shall place or cause to be placed or permit to remain upon any public property, or private property which is vacant or unoccupied or private property any unauthorized poster, placard or sign advertising, publicizing or containing thereon information concerning any event, ballot issue, organization or candidate for office. 

(b)  Removal of any unauthorized poster, placard or sign shall be the responsibility of the candidate whose name appears on such poster, placard or sign, or the sponsor, chairman or secretary of the committee proposing action on the issue which is the subject of the poster, placard or sign.  The Director of Public Safety shall serve notice upon the candidate, sponsor, chairman or secretary responsible for the removal of the unauthorized poster, placard or sign at the address listed thereon or at the usual address of the organization or organizations listed on such poster, placard or sign.  The notice shall contain the location of the unauthorized sing and shall order removal of the sign within forty-eight (48) hours of the receipt of the notice.  If, after such time, the poster, placard or sign has not been remove, the Director of Public Safety or the Director of Park, Recreation and Properties shall have it removed and charge in the amount of fifteen dollars ($15.00) shall be imposed upon the responsible party for each poster, placard or sign removed, and the name of the responsible person shall be published in the City Record until the poster, placard or sign has been removed or in the event a fine is assessed, until such fine has been paid.

(Ord. No. 2095-92.  Passed 2-22-93, eff.3-4-93)

Cleveland Police Update Regarding CMHA Police Involved Shooting

The Cleveland Division of Police Use of Force Investigation Team (FIT) conducted a thorough investigation into the November 13, 2020 Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority Police involved shooting of Arthur Keith.  Investigators within the Homicide Unit reached out to Attorney Stanley Jackson multiple times following up on his statement regarding witness information.  Investigators did not receive a response from Mr. Jackson in regards to the witness information requested.

The results of the FIT investigation were then reviewed by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and presented to a Grand Jury.  The Cleveland Division of Police investigatory file will be reviewed for legal redactions and made available for release in the near future.

Shared Mobility Update

The shared mobility company Lime will be introducing their e-bike in Cleveland for rent beginning this weekend. All rules related to shared mobility (scooters and e-bikes) apply, including riding in the street, following all traffic laws, and parking in locations that do not block doors, sidewalks, or crosswalks. For more information about Cleveland’s dockless shared mobility program, visit

Lake Avenue Resurfacing Project for Ward 15

On July 19, 2021, the City of Cleveland will begin the Lake Avenue Resurfacing Project (West 117th Street to Detroit Avenue).

Maintenance of traffic will be as follows:

  • One-way, westbound traffic will be maintained on the Lake Avenue between West 117th Street and West Boulevard.
    • Eastbound motorists will be detoured south on West 117th Street; east on Clifton Road and north on West Boulevard.
  • One-way, eastbound traffic will be maintained on Lake Avenue between West Boulevard and Clifton Road.
    • Westbound motorists will be detoured west on Clifton Road and north on West Boulevard.
  • Two-way traffic will be maintained on Lake Avenue between Clifton Road and Detroit Avenue.

Electronic message boards will be placed, prior to the start of construction, to inform the public of the impending work.   

Lake Avenue construction is being administered by the Ohio Department of Transportation.  Improvements include:

  • Milling and asphalt resurfacing
  • Full depth and partial depth pavement repairs
  • Utility adjustments
  • Curb, drive apron and walk replacements as needed
  • Replacement of curb ramps to bring them into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Raised medians will be placed at W. 110th Street and W. 78th Street intersections.
  • Raised median will be placed on Lake Avenue between Clifton Road and Viking Court.
  • Updated signing and pavement markings including dedicated parking.

The work on this project will take place Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Construction is anticipated to be completed by the end of October 2021. 

Questions? Contact the Ohio Department of Transportation District 12 Public Information Office at D12., (216) 584-2005 or (216) 584-2007.

Editor’s Note: Road construction invariably presents hazards to the public. All travelers are urged to use caution in construction zones. Public safety and the safety of workers is a top priority.

Virtual Public Information Presentation: Lake Avenue Resurfacing

Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Ward 15 Council member Jenny Spencer, the Mayor’s Office of Capital Projects and the Division of Engineering and Construction invite you to participate in a Virtual Public Information Presentation on July 13, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. regarding the Lake Avenue Resurfacing project. This presentation will include the design and plans for the upcoming project. See below for meeting information:

Join via Webex:

Meeting ID: 172 869 6435

Passcode: hxMCFBXq436 (49623297 from phones)

Join via phone: +1-415-655-0003 US Toll Access code: 172 869 6435

Click here to view the flyer for the meeting.

Other Important Reminders

City of Cleveland Division of Emergency Medical Service Now Hiring EMTs/Paramedics

The City of Cleveland Division of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is now hiring EMTs/Paramedics. Applications are now available at and are due no later than July 22, 2021. To view the full flyer, click here.

For more information, please contact Cleveland Public Safety Recruitment at 216-623-5233, or via social media: @ClevelandPublicSafetyRecruitment on Facebook and @CLErecruitment on Instagram and Twitter.